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Originally Posted by Strange Mud View Post
thats what it looks like. Do not look at either the glove box hinge or where the headliner meets the winshield....every penny counts and at this price point I'm glad it went into handling/performance rather than luxurary (sp?)
After being presented with Pandora's Box, I decided to open it up and wasn't able to notice the glove box hinge too well but picked up on the lack of a seam for where the headliner meets the windshield, it looks like it'll fray fairly easy. Good thing there won't be any kids in this Car.

I do feel they shouldn't have cheaped out on the head lining, or carpeting but it's whatever, it's still a very beautiful car, I love the performance so far.

Lets just hope its purely cosmetic interior stuff they cheaped out on and not mechanical. =X

You have a good eye! Thanks for providing an answer for me and then some.
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