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Originally Posted by AC13GT5.0 View Post
Looking at Canadian law its worded similar to Texas law:

"Under Section 547.604 of the Texas Transportation Code, all motor vehicles must be equipped with a muffler, in good working order that prevents excessive or unusual noise. Further, the exhaust mufflers may not be bypassed.

Excessive and Unusual

Since Texas lacks specific decibel guidance, "excessive and unusual" is the applicable standard. In Aguilar v. State of Texas, a Texas appellate court reviewed a constitutional challenge claiming that the language was vague, and thus unenforceable since Section 547.604 does not specify a decibel level."

The argument didn't hold up in court. It's kind of odd you would get pulled over and cited for this. It's not like you were racing or doing something you were not suppose to be doing. Just make sure there are no local city ordinances for noise coming from vehicles. They may try to re file the charge. It's odd he wrote the ticket for no muffler unless excessive and unusual noise is under it.

So yeah you might get fined for that. I can't tell you how many muscle cars I see on the road that have modified exhausts and never get messed with. you happen to be in that 1%
Many US states keep laws like this simply because they're vague. That makes it almost impossible for the average person to fight the ticket, so most simply cough up the fine- which is what the court wants, in the first place.

Originally Posted by Strange Mud View Post
idk nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn, but, I wonder if in Canada (Like some US states) have the CA regulations and from what I know it's illeagal (sp?) to alter pretty much anything relating to emmisions.
Mufflers have nothing to do with emissions, although pretty much everywhere you'll find laws stating that it's illegal to run without them.
Here in CA, it's highly unusual to get pulled over JUST for sound. Generally, excessive noise is something you're cited for after being stopped. Our 95db (not 93 as someone else posted) is very generous, and in the first couple of years of that law, over 90% of cited vehicles were found to be legal. Most other states/counties/cities aren't as lucky and have those "illegal to modify" laws still on the books.
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