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ive got a UPR o/r Xpipe with SLP loudmouth axlebacks and Ive driven right past cops under a decent load at around 3k rpm and NONE have had a problem with it. Even SLP claims that their loudmouths are 49 state legal and thats about as straight through of an exhaust design as youre gonna get lol. Now the UPR xpipe on the other hand...

I even went and had lunch with my wife today where two Live Oak cops (anyone from San Antonio KNOWS how brutal Live Oak and Selma PD can be) had finished lunch at the same time and we all pretty much cruised out of there together and I had nothing more than a glance from either one... lol

OP if I were you, I would definitely fight it only if you have no other ACTUAL "illegal" parts on the car.

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