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Originally Posted by denny33142 View Post
And yes money is a big factor, I am trying to get rid of the A5 because of the high payments and high maintenance costs (freakin $120 for an oil change :0), I have come to the conclusion that getting a 2015 will not lower my payments and may in fact increase it.
If you want to save money on oil changes, quit taking it to the dealer and learn to do it yourself. The Coyote takes 8 quarts, at full synthetic that won't be any cheaper than your Audi.

But yeah, if money is an issue go with the 2014. There's a lot to love about the 2015 but I just played with the configurator and for comparable equipment to what I have now it would be a $9000 bump over what I paid for my '13 six months ago *if* I could buy it at MSRP, which is doubtful. I'm sure the IRS will be the bee's knees and all (I'm actually more intrigued by the rev-matching MT) but not at that price.

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