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Originally Posted by billabongrob View Post
We've got genius here folks! Must be Mensa.

When I had my tune and intake, I had significantly better fuel consumption both on the the streets and on the track. Not the on board computer but calculator math.

Only by 3 or 4 mpgs, but it is what it is. I took it off because the way bama maps tunes was just a bit too aggressive for a road course.
Too bad you hadn't read the whole thread before commenting...

Originally Posted by WhiteBird00 View Post
Without a tune, an air intake has no effect on mileage on modern cars either. In fact, even a dirty air filter will not affect your mileage. The PCM adjusts for the lower air volume by reducing fuel delivery. This will affect performance but not mileage (at least not noticeably). Both Myth Busters and Consumer's reports have recently reported on this. You can find other references online as well.
Since you obviously missed it the first time, I'll repeat... without an aftermarket tune, the PCM merely adapts for changes in airflow (whether from a CAI or a dirty air filter) to achieve its programmed air/fuel ratio under those conditions. Fuel mileage remains essentially the same but performance may vary somewhat.

In the never ending quest for better CAFE numbers, factory intakes have improved significantly in the past few years to the point where an aftermarket intake really doesn't gain much. Any difference is going to be in the tune not the intake.

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