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Originally Posted by GregRS3 View Post
I would love to know how much my ROUSH actually puts down at the wheels. I've always just used the whole multiply 675 HP by .85 rule and hope for the best

So... if that is true then a ROUSH Stage 3 Phase 3 will have just under 574HP to the wheels. I figure that number will increase once I put in the 20lbs lighter driveshfat and tune the car up to the Coyote limit of 700HP to the crank. If you watch the driveshaft video from American Muscle, removing 20lbs of rotational mass is similar to removing 80lbs of unstrung weight... Lots of nerdy stuff I dont quite understand yet but hey. I'm about to find out.
I think you are probably in the ball park - maybe a little low. I have a VMP stage 3 kit, which is pretty similar to the Roush, and a conservative tune, and the car made 605 to the wheels on 9-10psi. I do have LTHs. which are probably good for 20hp or so but other than that we are apples to apples.

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