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Mines a manual GT-500 so I'm learning from friends and instructors, the only two buddies I let drive mine, well one worked @ Lamborigini and owns an M/// and is used to all manual cars (drove Porsches\lotus\lambos and astons all the time) , so he makes me look like a ***** when it comes to driving this car, the other has driven manual his entire life. Other than that...really no one...not many these days can drive manual it is dying out as auto is so much faster.... My 2nd friend is obv more docile and even to him though he grew up driving manual the GT-500 to him is crazy, but with my 1st friend, to him, he pretty much learned on the GT-500, when he drives it vs how I drive it, the car literally transforms into a monster. so fast and such smooth shifts up and down complete rev matching, makes me feel like a fool, without the ability to fully harness the car.

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