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I agree 110% with BOSS MAN but will add if you order the MGW and tell them you are a member here you get 5% discount so the difference in price shrinks that much more. The Factory bushings work but the MGW replaces them with ones that are so much better as you can see in the install video. I think MGW is the only shifter that replaces the factory bushings. I would also add that I had no issues with the factory shifter but that said the MGW was a big improvement.

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I don't own the Barton, I have an MGW, my shifts are faultless. Looking at it objectively, What I like about the MGW is the whole lower shift box is replaced with a CNC'd unit with stiffer shift rail guides, it is overall a much more precise design, the shifter is adjustable to the left to allow a perfect 1-2 shift, the spring to third tension is adjustable (by removing spring cap) and MGW is super commited to making this shifter as quiet (or quieter than stock) Their twin post bracket is extremely wide to eliminate torsional twist, they enclose dynamat, a thicker additional insulation pad, and a heat shield made of stainless below the shifter, with insulation. All this for $30. more than a Barton, certainly something to consider.

My 1-2 shifts are on the money, 2-3, 3-4 shifts a no brainer, and 4-5 slips in with just slight pressure from the heel of your hand, 6th gear slight pressure to the right, straight in. That shifter is worth every penny, you can see when you install it, MGW people are committed to making the best shifter on the market.
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