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Stock for stock, the 5.0 is a superior design engine, as many magazine articles have shown. Put a 2.3 TVS blower on and it's game over for the older GT500's.
I had a 2009 GT500 and now I have a 2011 Roush Stage 2 with 2.3 TVS with VMP tuning and I would never go back.
2011 feels much lighter, it is, handles much better, and is faster.
The whole car (2011) just feels tight and Ready to Rock RTR! Trademark name there.
I love Shelby's and everything they stand for, but it would have to be as least a 2011 GT500 for me to think about trading.
2013-14, no brainer, Yes, but I can't afford that!!

Wow, This 2011 Stang is FAST.
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