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Shaker popping issue

Hi, I'm new to this forum and need some advise/solutions.
I just replaced the Shaker1000 head unit with an aftermarket chineese nav system.
Everything seems to work fine, except the famous popping sound when I switch from one to another mode (lets say cd to radio), go into reverse or switch the radio off.
It seems to get worse when the radio is on for a while and the engine is running.
It even does it when the nav voice interupts the radio.
I did the 5v mod with a transistor (7805) so the pop is gone when switching on the unit.
I only used 1 restistor for the two wires.
The resistor works as I measured 5v output.
Could it be that I need to do both wires seperately?

Other then that I'm very pleased with the unit.

Thanks, Edwin

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