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Surprisingly enough, none of these responses have given you the information you really truly need.

1) The jealousy you will experience in college is gonna be much greater than some of the replies here. Only there, it may not be just words; your new love make get keyed, or much worse. College is not the place for a new $40k car that you plan on keeping for 10 years. Buy a used certified mustang gt for much less (if you must have a GT) for college, and save the new car thought for when you graduate.

2) Many larger colleges won’t even allow freshman (sometimes even sophomores) to have cars on campus. So, unless you will be living off campus (some colleges require you to be on campus as a freshman), no car for you.

3) Lastly, if you are serious about a GT, and you haven’t done so yet, take some serious driving lessons, i.e. at a track. Learn how to control the car when hit with adverse conditions, stopping, skidding, in wet and dry, etc… you won’t regret it and you won’t be the next story to tell about a car and a tree. And, believe me, everyone either hit a tree or knows someone who has.

Have fun!
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