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Originally Posted by rpaulg87 View Post
Having owned an SRT-8 for 4 years yeah, I agree, def more of a cruiser. You don't feel bumps but always have a big V-8 on tap for power. I'd agree the Mustang in general is a Sports car, Challenger is a muscle, but that thing is so well insulated you have zero road noise, you don't hear rain taps, and even with 1000w subwoofer the car barely rattles. Def a cruiser, but the 6.4l can bruise for sure, I don't see many 5.0's beating out the 392 6.4l's, but then again with the price range naturally the 392 should be an ass whooper as currently (until '15's come out) it's way more expensive.

Of course now that the R\T is getting the option of the 6.4l and the insane new 8-speed....the automatic version is going to be a monster. 8-speed autos like the ZF-8 you have to drive them vs the prior gen (same motor, not same trans) and good lord always at peak power. I LOVED the 5.7l RAM w\ the 8-speed, vs the 5-speed in the 14 and below the 8-speed cuts almost 2-3 seconds off 0-60. The Jeep SRT-8 w\ 8 speed vs the 5-speed, just good lord. So many gears so you are always @ peak power in the rpm band + 250ms shifts, blazing fast.

I dunno how fast the 8-speed is in the Chevy stingrays, but I'm guessing they more than likely use the ZF-8 as well, it's rated up to I think 800lbs of tq.

Bring it on, I'll line up against a 392 any day, his Challenger was quick, but I think my old '04 'Vette was quicker. My BOSS for sure would walk all over it. The beauty of the BOSS is that TORSEN diff keeps it planted and churning out the power, you can just FEEL how hard it plants you in the seat when running it redline in each gear.

According to their own forums, the SRT 8 Challenger is a 13.4 second car stock, my best run with the 'Vette on street rubber was 12.8 seconds. I've never run the BOSS on the strip, but my buddies say on street rubber, low twelves, on drag radials in the 11's stock. We've known this for years, you don't need large displacement engines to get low 1/4's, in fact due to volumetric efficiency, those big bores work against you NA, now with a blower, that a whole nuther story................

Of course, I've told Tom, the owner of the screaming Yellow Challenger SRT 8, I got first DIBS buying it, it is a SWEET looking car, it would look good sitting next to my BOSS in the garage, and my wife would love it!

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