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Originally Posted by Egoh View Post
My parents had made a deal with me if I was to get a certain gpa, I could get a V6 Mustang or Camaro. I've definitely decided on a 2013 Mustang, but the insurance costs are my problem. They got a quote for a V6 and they said it ranged from $400-$500. I find this extremely hard to believe even if I'm 16 and will "hot rod." That's more than the car payment itself. My parents' CLS500, Range Rover Sport Supercharged, and Grand Cherokee (all V8s) come out to about $200 a month combined. Can anyone confirm this price?

Thats an awfully steep price for insurance if it is per month. I am 21, almost 22, and I just bought a 2013 V6 mustang. My nationwide insurance went from $85 a month for a 2003 ford escape to $135 for the mustang.

Of course I got a better rate with Geico at $105. It would have been $48 a month had I not had 2 speeding tickets on my record! both tickets were plead out to 9 over... They were basically like your a male, 21, have a mustang and have speeding tickets what more did you ever expect from us?

Best advice I can say to you is, DO NOT GET TICKETS, they will kill your insurance rate. I would try and get a quote from many different insurance agencies as well. Also, if you do get a ticket and you dont tell your insurance company and you get into a wreck, well guess what? They can deny you coverage.

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