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Originally Posted by dusman59 View Post
With all this talk of oil getting past the catch can I inspected the hose on the secondary side for oil still getting into the intake. I do get an ounce or two every 3k miles in the can. I used a q tip on the inside of the intake connection and it did not discolor. Next I thought maybe the hose might be collecting somewhere inside of it. I used a rifle cleaning rod with a white patch and ran the rod through the hose and found no trace of oil or junk on the patch. My can is mounted up as high on the firewall as it could be with longer hoses. I guess the can is doing its job just fine.
Yeah, the UPR can works really well.

Originally Posted by randeez11 View Post
Yes, I agree. Anything I can do to keep ANY extra oil out of my induction system/intercooler/ or combustion chamber is worth it. IMO.
Especially when it didn't cost me anything but the price of some aluminum, and a few hours work.
Agree. 100%

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