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Originally Posted by Fatopotomus View Post
Buy an older but clean Ford Ranger and drive it through high school. Tell your folks to put the car money and insurance toward your college tuition.

6 or 8 years down the road, buy an S550 and mod the living **** out of it.
^this right here. I hate when people told me that when I was 17, but man, college was expensive. Granted, I ended up with an older V6 Mustang when I was 17 (took 7 years of paper routes).

But answering your question and not giving you advice: That doesn't seem out of the realm of prices, but only an insurance agent can answer that. My fiance has a less than perfect driving history. When she went to get quotes on a new Edge, Statefarm quoted her 450 a month. We shopped around and found great coverage for a slightly used Jeep for just over a 100 a month.

Also, she doesn't drive my Mustang.

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