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This is a copy/paste of a post I made in another thread on AFM:

I'm my opinon there is not one product/brand that is the 'best' for everyone. Each person has different requirements that include: time to apply, cost, final look, etc... so the perfect brand/product will be different for everyone.

After many years of buying/trying products that have great reviews, I have finally come to a point where I'm about 99% happy with my products/process. I can get a nice look, easy to apply, and doesn't require a lot of my time. I don't have a garage and I wash 1-2 times per week. I prefer my car be in "showroom" condition all the time.

Car Wash: Optimum No Rinse. Easy to use, leaves a nice finish, and you can wash your car w/o access to a hose.

Wash Mitt: SM Arnold Sheepswool Wash Mitt. Doesn't shed like crazy. Lasts a long time. Delicate on the paint. (Paint only. Lower plastic parts / wheels / tires get a different mitt).

Drying Towels: Cobra Supreme 530. Come in different sizes. Absorbs well.

Wax: Optimum Car Wax (Spray Wax). Easy to apply. Protects well.

Polish: Optimum Hyper-Polish using buffer. Spray on. Polishes nicely.

Sealant: Optimum Opti-Seal. Easy application. Protects well.

Tire Shine: Optimum Opti-Bond. Water based. Doesn't sling. Nice matte look (You can dilute however you want for more/less sheen).

Interior plastics/vinyl: Aerospace 303. Doesn't leave a greasy feeling. Nice new/matte look.

Windows. Stoners Invisible Glass with a glass cleaning towel. Leaves no streaks and I use it all around the house too
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