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I purchased the Track Cal because I have an early 2013 GT. Got it from Tousley for $385. You get a certificate and then order the handheld tuner, tune and K&N filter online from Ford Racing. Took it to the dealer this morning. They were easy to work with. They uploaded the tune and didn't charge me. I didn't even buy my car from them! Got a receipt and I'm good warranty wise.

We also adjusted for the tire size using the tuner.

I've only driven the car a couple of times today so I'll make further posts as the PCM finishes learning with the new parameters.

The most noticable thing so far is the lopey idle. I love it! Immediately took me back the way I felt sitting at light, years ago, in my 1970 Boss 302. I've got GT500 quads and it never sounded better.

Next item I noticed was the improved trottle response. I'll never understand why this can't be included in the original calibration.

As I said, I will post some more of my observations over the next few days for those of you who may interested in this for your GT. I'd ask that we don't turn this thread into a debate on other tunes and who's is better. Also, there's no need to go back and forth on the how the warranty works. I called Ford Racing and got the correct information before I made the purchase.

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