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Originally Posted by 70monte View Post
I think it depends on where you have the can mounted. I just reinstalled my UPR can with the new diffuser and took out the SS mesh on the output side of the can as was suggested by Joe at UPR for my vacation trip I took last week. I have my can mounted to the passenger side strut tower. I drove 1,207 miles on my trip and still had oil get through to the intake. Here is where mine is mounted.

Here is what I found after my trip when I pulled the disconnect to check for oil.

I know you have yours mounted between the master cylinder and the fender on the driver's side so you have a long run of hoses plus your catch can probably does not get as hot as mine and others who mount it where mine is mounted. I think UPR now recommends to mount the can where you have yours mounted because the longer run of hoses and keeping the can cooler, helps prevent the oil from getting to the intake.

On my 14 GT, part of my sound tube is mounted where you have your can mounted so unless I want to remove my sound tube, I only have the strut mount or the firewall to mount to and I don't want to drill holes in the firewall so that mounting place is out.

So as it stands now, my setup is still not very effective from keeping oil out of the intake. I have been told that UPR is still testing some things that should help my situation.

To me, "not very effective" is a very relative phrase. UPR's can is as good or better than every can out there. What I see inside that line is condensation, not oil. It's a little harder to trap moisture than oil, although the can does actually trap condensation (moisture) from the air.

My can is mounted near the firewall because the blower necessitates that, but my can worked quite well where yours is.

I'm guessing Joe told you about the new can he's developing?

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