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Originally Posted by Sharad View Post
To me, "not very effective" is a very relative phrase. UPR's can is as good or better than every can out there. What I see inside that line is condensation, not oil. It's a little harder to trap moisture than oil, although the can does actually trap condensation (moisture) from the air.

My can is mounted near the firewall because the blower necessitates that, but my can worked quite well where yours is.

I'm guessing Joe told you about the new can he's developing?
What you are seeing is definitely not condensation. It is oil. I know the difference between the two. I also ran clean Q-tips inside the quick connect and intake barb and they both came back with oil on them. That is also oil on the end of the quick connect that was inside the hose.

I'm not saying that the UPR can doesn't catch oil because it does but in it's current configuration in certain instances, it still lets oil go to the intake. If this wasn't the case, then the new diffuser and extension would not have been developed along with UPR trying a new filtering media instead of the SS mesh.

I applaud UPR for continuing to improve their product and come up with some new ones. I hope to eventually get my UPR can to perform like I want it to.


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