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Originally Posted by doubleg View Post
So I found a local guy willing to install my lemans stripes, he quoted me at $120, which I thought was pretty fair. My stripes came in yesterday, nice 7 year, 3M stripes, CAD cut, these look great on the paper. I email the guy and tell him that they came in and I would like to setup a time to have them installed. He replies back late last night that he expects it now to be a 6-7 hour job and the price has now doubled!! Im like WTH!

How much are you guys paying to have your stripes installed? I need to check around with a few local shops and see what they would charge me. I had the install money set aside, but now with my sons medical bills, etc.. Im going to have to wait an extra month to have them put on. Needless to say, im not the happy camper.
I remember asking Magnum Collison with front to back stripes (hood to rear trunk) and they were like 2000$, Leman stripes seem to go from the bumper, cut, then all the way to the rear + trunk and bumper + cut, that is a LOT of work, though SUPER simple. It's literally like "tinting" a car. Just requires time for it to set after you get the bubbles out. Seems identical to the work I wanted done on my Challenger but 1.8-2.k for installing a DECAL? Yeah I'd rather have it painted. Reason I trashed the decals\stripes, clean look is also nice.

Labor is what you are paying for with decal, they lay it on, then drink a beer while making sure no bubbles are there. 2000$ equates to 20 hours of GOOD mechanic time in my mind (100$ per hour) def not worthy of it.
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