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Originally Posted by MCA2011 View Post
It would have been sacrilege anyway. They killed off Plymouth, now let it RIP.

That said, everyday I am falling more and more in love with the '15 392 RT Scat Pack. Smart move making the big hemi available in the RT trim line. It positions it performance and price wise with the GT
Is a hell of a steal, and a 392 will easily whoop a 5.0 even though it is a far heavier car (plus far more pricey, but that is changing) heck I killed 5.0's with my 6.1l, though the 6.4l's, 485\485tq is hard to beat, esp in R\T trim which is GT trim\SS trim. Driven them all, SS felt slow as heck to me, 5.0 felt fine, obv I ended up with the crazy one, but I think a lot are forgetting the addition of an 8-speed which means the 392 is constantly going to be at peak torque\power RPM wise. the ZF-8 is rated in @ 200-250 millisecond shifts, it's used in a lot of newer cars now. I think we all know humans can't shift "that fast" which is why manual is a dying art, but good lord I drove the automatic in a 5.7l HEMI truck, you really have to drive an older 5-speed auto (Nag-1) to appreciate and notice the difference. To me vs the 5-speed it made the 5-speed feel like a V6 and the 8-speed feel like on bad-ass V-8. Always @ peak power.

Even with an 8-speed, I'm sure it can't be as boring as the Tesla S is to drive. Literally a 1-speed, just max torque whenever you stomp it. No sporty feel.

Right now it looks like the R\T is for SURE getting the 392 "Scat-pack" and the SRT-8 will have the option of the 6.4l of the 6.2l S\C Hell-Cat.
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