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Somebody come hang me cuz I murdered my car today

Sad day in my life today. Drove her into a flooded street. The street was flooded due to high rainfall and this area is known to get flooded. I thought I was on the other side of it going uphill but no. It was dark, street lights were out and I did not see it coming. 50kmph to 0 in 3 seconds when I hit the water.

She layed there floating for about an hour. Electrical is really messed (keys are out but lights flicket, reverse come on and off), speakers cracking, water in the engine, glove box, back seats, front seats ,everywhere. A nasty smell of burning wires or rubber. Bumper cracked, grill forced out and lost in the water, front plate also lost and some underbody damage. She's gone.

Just feel like I lead her into a trap and killed her.

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