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Originally Posted by Gleumer View Post
With a GT or 6cyl you would not normally down shift into 1st. If you were driving a GT500 (which he is) you would probably downshift to first when you want to go, it does 60mph in 1st.
Actually I think first gear is done @ 40-45? But I do know it can do close to 80 or so in 2nd...bleh now I need to drive to it refresh my brain. the '13 GT-500 I think 1st is good until 60-62mph, but the '13 is geared for 200+mph, guess I'll have to recheck, I haven't been driving it super hard as I'm still learning, but I don't think 1st with the 12 and minus GT-500's is 60 mph

Also, Nova, it has a friggin TR6060, not that other junk the BOSS mustang had.

Anyway I've gotten far more used to rev matching, and it sure makes down shifting smooth as silk, though I'm still a total noob, Appreciate all the tips

*EDIT* Found the 2010 vs 2013 GT-500 gear speeds.
2010 GT500
1st - 42mph
2nd - 77mph
3rd - 107mph
4th - 142mph
5th - 190mph (305kph)
6th - 282mph (451kph)

2013 GT-500
1st : 2.66 ==> 65 mph
2nd: 1.82 ==> 96 mph
3rd: 1.30 ==> 134 mph
4th: 1.00 ==> 175 mph
5th: 0.77 ==> 227 mph
6th: 0.50 ==> 350 mph

I assume the 2010 is the same as the 11-12 SVT GT-500's unless the gearing ratio is changed.
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