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Originally Posted by amad View Post
I rented a V6 in Vegas a few weeks ago. I was able to power brake a pretty good burnout with it. I was also able to get it sideways, spinning the tires on dry pavement.
As far as I know it would be pretty difficult to get a 2013 v6 automatic model to do that. At least I couldn't get it to. Might explain why the rear tires were at 4/32 and the front at 16/32... either way, got some new Michelin's and they are much better.

Originally Posted by tntoy View Post
As was also mentioned, leave the windows down whenever you can. Hopefully yours lives in a garage.

A lot of car lots now days have an ozone generator device they stick in the car overnight which does a magnificent job of destroying that odor. But that's not feasible for anyone to run out and buy. The one we had at my previous employer looked very pricey.
Yup, its garaged. I have heard about those devices and saw that I might be able to take it somewhere to get it done. That will have to be a worst case scenario situation though as ill have to rent a car to do all that.

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