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Originally Posted by Fatopotomus View Post
You're kidding right?

My girlfriend's folks live in Lee's Summit, which I guess isnt too far north of you and we took a road trip out there last year. You'all have some of the widest, emptiest roads I've been on. Was tearing through there like an ape with its ass on fire.

When I bought my car, I got to 120 on the drive home.

Get up early this Sunday morning and find a nice empty straight road and drop the hammer for about 10 seconds, that'll pop your cherry and you wont have to admit to embarassing things like never having hit triple digits in a Coyote powered Mustang, for God's sake.
Nope, not kidding at all. Just haven't found the right place to do it. I also work in Law Enforcement(not a cop) and we can face disciplinary action at work for breaking any type of law. A few years ago a guy got stopped for doing 120mph. He got a few free days off of work with no pay for that one.


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