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Originally Posted by 87Aerostar5MT View Post
2011 was a mid-cycle refresh, not a redesign.

OP, there are plenty of "2014 or 2015?" threads around here. You're likely to save $8K or so getting a '14 now but your post doesn't suggest that that's a big deal to you. If you're worried about waiting (probably until this fall) for a new car, you can always buy something cheap, ragged and mechanically robust off CL. Think $4K Chevy Malibu or something, you might even get your money back out of it when you resell.

The 2015 GT won't be any faster than the current one. Same engine, heavier car. Direct injection is coming for the Coyote but not this year.

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Originally Posted by V6 Cannonballer View Post
Well then, forget everything I said.
Well you are both correct, the same chassis was used but we got new engines in both the V6 and V8 flavors as well as numerous drivetrain upgrades.

With those upgrades a significant number of folks had issues due to the new components (valve ticking in the V6, cylinders dying in the V8, traction control issues on both cars etc. etc.).

But, aside from the v6 and v8's carrying over in the 15, there are a lot of changes.

To the OP I would say if you like the 15 go for it, but do understand there will be kinks that show up in a new first year car, you have a 3 year bumper to bumper so whatever comes up should be covered by that. But don't expect it to be perfect from day one.

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