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Originally Posted by rpaulg87 View Post
Don't forget that your 2013 V6 has as much torque\hp as the 09 and minus V-8 Mustangs. You should def be able to do a burnout

Also, I guess my prior post, didn't post, ozium should easily get rid of that smell. You can find it @ Pepboys\Autozone generally as well, and some walmarts.

You were right, got my tuner in today and used the stock file and changed the octane to 93 and filled her up with a full tank of 93. Did a brake stand to 3k and got 6.2 0-60 MPH and squealed them tires good(I live at 2000-2500 ft elevation could this be hurting my times?). Even without a brake stand they chirped going into second. Pretty good result for 2.73 gears i suppose, hopefully after I get my custom tune from MPT I can get below 6 seconds.
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