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Thanks for all the input, guys. I'm reading and processing everything.

Originally Posted by Elite_Deforce View Post
The new ISes have been sweeping up the comparos. Something to consider if you loved your XE20 so much.
Originally Posted by FirstFord94 View Post
This is the part that got my attention. If you are looking at luxury cars and previously owned a luxury car, a '14 mustang will be VERY different. I don't care what anyone on here says, the '14 mustang is a very crude driving implement compared with anything that could even remotely be considered luxury. You don't think about this when you're looking at words or numbers, but when you're driving it every day, you start to realize that the great price you got your '14 for was not worth what you have to give up.

I also completely disagree about your statement about the C7. It is a completely different animal than an s197 (current mustang chassis). It offers better stock performance and will also be more luxurious than a s197 mustang. It won't ride like your lexus of course. but it will ride much better than the mustang. Given the choice, 10 times out of 10 I would take the C7 over my '12 mustang GT.

If you are looking at luxury cars and a C7, you likely aren't scraping together to buy a new mustang. Frankly, if you just HAVE to own a mustang, wait for the '15 car because the suspension should be a bit more comfortable than the current car and it should still offer excellent performance. I didn't already have a '12 mustang, there's no doubt that I'd wait for a '15+ Mustang despite vastly preferring the styling of my '12 mustang.

The issue becomes the amount of time you're willing to wait. You could order a '15 mustang right now, but you will have a wait a while for it. And what if you don't like it when it arrives? If you have like 6 months to wait, then the '15 mustang is probably worth waiting for. If you need a car in the next month or two, you're better off with another car, IMO.
Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I feel like I would be happier with another luxury performance sedan of some kind... been thinking about the S4 now if I decide I can't go without buying a car until the ATS-V hits.

I love a lot about the new IS. The styling is *really* growing on me, and I hear great things, but it's still just too similar to the car I drove for the last eight years, and I feel like I should get something new. That, plus, I kind of want to get a standard transmission this time around.

Still, I do like the Mustang, and I think I could get a great price on a 2014... Bah, why did that ******* have to take out my car and make me make this impossible decision.
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