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Originally Posted by RocketGuy3 View Post
Thanks for all the input, guys. I'm reading and processing everything.

That, plus, I kind of want to get a standard transmission this time around.

Still, I do like the Mustang, and I think I could get a great price on a 2014... Bah, why did that ******* have to take out my car and make me make this impossible decision.
Although I fully stand by my opinion of the mustang, you really need to drive one for yourself. You may feel that the car is perfectly acceptable as is--but if you do drive one, just pay attention to the ride.

Adding fuel to the fire, IIRC, there is also a Lexus RC coupe to consider as well. But yeah, you have some deciding to do. It might be worth waiting until some of the new cars hit the lots so you can take them for a drive before you make a decision. But I can definitely appreciate your interest in getting a car with a manual.
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