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Originally Posted by titan105 View Post
Having had my '14 GT Premium for one month, I have a few questions.

- The auto-dimming mirror doesn't work. Is there a way to turn it on?
- What is that grill between the map lights for?
- The Bluetooth was working fine with my phone and yesterday it stopped working;
it doesn't recognize any phones. I'm somewhat cyber-challenged so maybe I'm doing something wrong.
-What are the blanks for next to the HAV buttons?
-Why does the GT have a two piece driveshaft? I have read that the two piece design is responsible for the clunking many of us experience when shifting. Has anyone replaced it with a one-piece driveshaft?
-Has anyone used Motorcraft Synthetic Transmission fluid? A mechanic at the local dealership said that would help smooth out the shifting and the clunking.

I cannot believe how much I love this car. I look for any excuse to drive it, first thing in the morning I open the garage door and look at it, and I'm constantly fussing over it. At this point I am perfectly happy with the power the engine makes so I probably won't be adding any mods to it. Probably.
The biggest surprise for me has been how well the car handles; awesome!

Thank you for any replies to my questions.
Hey titan105,

Thank you for the latest on your ride. Remember, if you’re experiencing any concerns let me or your CSM know.

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