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Originally Posted by Chitownpete View Post
I have driven many large trucks that have multiple mirrors (they have no way to check the blind spot otherwise) but I just cant stand the extra mirror inserts on the current Mustangs. Instead of showing me the "blind spot" next to my car it shows the lane even farther away from my car. If anyone can offer advice on how I'm supposed to use these please tell me. At this point they are just a distraction and don't function like every other blind spot mirror I've ever used. If I can't figure these out the insert is getting the Plasti-dip. Thanks for any suggestions.
Originally Posted by Blazin72 View Post
I don't care for them but I do use them, albeit only after I look over my shoulder.

The mirrors just aren't big enough to make effective use of a blind spot mirror and a primary side view mirror and I'm sure that no Mustang owner wants a pickup truck sized mirror on their car.
Originally Posted by 2014MustangGT View Post
I personally think that the mirrors overall size is too small to be using the "blind spot" mirror. Most larger vehicles have MUCH a larger mirror so it does not effect your overall field of view. If you set your mirror right you don't have a blind spot anyways.

Yes, I don't like it. That is actually the only thing that I don't love about my Mustang.
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When I bought my car, I liked the idea, as I have used the round stick-on wide-angle mirrors for many years. After 3.5 years and 30k miles, though, I still don't like these, and haven't figured out how to use them- particularly the driver side. Good idea, poor execution- in my opinion.
BTW, have owned almost 40 cars and trucks, driven (literally) hundreds more professionally for many hundreds of thousands of miles, so not inexperienced.
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