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If your car hooked and took off your passenger was probably impressed anyway. The most ferocious acceleration I remember as a passenger was when a guy wanted to take me for a demonstration ride in his modified Buick Turbo V-6. He took it out on a drive and brought it to a stop and then torque braked it a little. When he let off the brake and hit the throttle it broke the tires loose and he immediatley got out of it and braked to a stop. He apologized and said let me try that again. Then he torque-braked it to a lesser rpm, released the brake and hit the throttle. It hooked up without a single squeal and launched forward like a missle. It seemed like my eyelids were being peeled back and I couldn't pull my head off the headrest. Boiling tires is for show but horsepower and hooking it up is what can leave a lasting impression.

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