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Transmission Issues - catching after hard brake


So I'm new here and please excuse me if this issue has been addressed somewhere else. I couldn't find it anywhere but feel free to point me to another thread. I have a v6 2010 mustang with an automatic transmission. I bought it from a Ford dealer in 2010 as it was coming off lease.

Around 70k miles (currently have 78k) I've started to experience what I guess is transmission issues.

When my car shifts from 2nd to 3rd gear it revs a little on the high side before engaging.

Also, if I have to brake hard and come to a full and complete stop, my car won't go. Sometimes it will stall, other times it will rev for 2-3 seconds before engaging in which I squeal my tires because I've given it too much gas.

I've had a mechanic look at my transmission and change out the fluid. No shavings in the fluid or signs of disrepair.

Anyone ever experience this or something similar?

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