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Originally Posted by RocketGuy3 View Post
Thanks for all the input, guys. I'm reading and processing everything.

Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I feel like I would be happier with another luxury performance sedan of some kind... been thinking about the S4 now if I decide I can't go without buying a car until the ATS-V hits.

I love a lot about the new IS. The styling is *really* growing on me, and I hear great things, but it's still just too similar to the car I drove for the last eight years, and I feel like I should get something new. That, plus, I kind of want to get a standard transmission this time around.

Still, I do like the Mustang, and I think I could get a great price on a 2014... Bah, why did that ******* have to take out my car and make me make this impossible decision.
I havent seen any news on transmission choices but id guess cadillac may not offer a manual on the ats v when it comes out. I just read the cts v will come in auto only citing not enough interest in manuals. If I was in your position looking at luxury performance cars with a stick id probably be looking at clean used cars since manuals are in so few new cars although as much as I like the german cars im afraid of their reliability.

Good luck with your choice and hope you post pics of what you buy even if you don't buy mustang
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