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Originally Posted by akeemjvasser View Post
Yeah so I just bought my 13 v6 in april. Totally stock then, now have tuned length shorty headers (which are awsome by the way) and steedas ultimate induction package. Car sounds amazing and feel even better. But. Still feel like I need more power. As an old friend use to say "you can buy a donkey, clip the ears whip it in shape and dye its fur to look like a horse , but its still a donkey"
So now next year im thinking of trading up to a 13 gt.

Only worries are.
1 my city mpg in the v6 is rated at 18 and I never see those numbers unless on the highway.and thats not with spirited driving either… So how low wohld I see with a gt only being rated at 15.

2 im 24 I wonder how much of an increase of my insurance would it be with me already paying 300 for the 6.
I'm in Detroit my insurance is 125 w\ multicar discount 140 w\ out. Your insurance will drop once you turn 25. I have a 2012 Automatic GT that gets 18-19 mpg city and I drive it hard, only mod is roush AB's. Your headers might be killing your gas milage or maybe the tune. I didn't buy my GT for the gas mileage I bought it cause I wanna drive fast and i could afford it, if you are sure you can afford get one its great! Ladies love em! but I'm so impressed with my mpg, my 02 Taurus gets 18mpg just like me GT.
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