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Originally Posted by randeez11 View Post
OP. I drive both.

Statements like V8's burn more fuel than V6's are inaccurate. There is not enough difference in REAL world fuel mileage to right home about, especially in stop and go city driving when the smaller motor has to pull the same weight vehicle. The factory advertise mileage numbers are a joke.
And as for insurance, the difference for mine is about 50 dollars per year. Yes the GT is about 50 dollars more, but it is also valued at about 10,000 more than the V6 car.

You are so right about the donkey statement. True enough the 3.7
V6 is a great motor. I like mine. But a 5.0 V8 it is not, and never will be. Anyone who believes differently is misinformed.

So,IMO if performance is your main objective, you will be much happier with a V8 GT.

Good luck with decision.
I should be able to pull off a gt. Gas 8 sure ill be fine. My thing is finding out how much more will be leaving my pockets than what already is. Sinc3 I hwv3 q 13 I want a 13 or 14. If I just ride it out for a year im sure next year the prices will be a lil lower being that the 15 is dropping this year.

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