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Originally Posted by ct027 View Post
So I've had a couple days to think about things. Still feel like crap but I'm looking forward.

Not official, but the insurance company is leaning toward calling it a write-off. I'll know next week. I'll then see if they'll be giving me a fair offer for the car. For now, driving a rental Camry, 4 banger. UGH!!! It was that or a Kia Rio!lol

As for what I might do next, don't know. Is it bad that I like the 2013-14 more than the 2015 and the 2011-2012 even more than the 2013-14. Kinda turned off by the 2015 front end.
I'm with ya on the body styles. I don't know but if I were in your shoes I would take the money they are giving for a new stang and go find a 11 or 12 gt if thats your favorite body. Seems like a win win situation to me!

Engine mods - all stock, trust me, wanna run??!!!
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