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Originally Posted by Guitarman View Post
I got my new cable and decided to load the Street Tune on my GT again for the heck of it. It had been a few months since I had used it because of the harsh shifting it created before.
I loaded it and the Harsh Shifting is not happening anymore???
What the heck???
So at this point I will drive it a week or two to see if the harsh shifting returns. But the way it is right now is totally acceptable. Really good!
Has this happened to anyone else? maybe a glitch in the download the first time I did it??

Question: Does Bama have NEW Tunes that are updater or better that the original Tunes I received when I bought the Tuner??


Thanks for keeping me in the loop on this! Are you referring do the down or upshift? I know that we're working on adjusting the downshifting as I can personally attest to how jarring it can be. Let me know if you have any questions on it or shoot Bama a call if you need an answer immediately and we're here to help!


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