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Originally Posted by FirstFord94 View Post
This is purely a financial decision, IMO. You're trading in a fairly new car for another fairly new car. Will you owe more than you'll get if you trade in the V6 for another car? If you have to roll ANY negative equity into the GT, then DO NOT TRADE THE CAR IN.

Insurance. Are you paying $300/mo or 300 every 6 months? If you're paying $300/mo on a V6 mustang, a mustang GT won't be much if any better. Personally, I wouldn't pay $300/mo on insurance for a GT500 much less a V6 mustang or mustang GT. I would start by looking into other insurance options or even something less expensive to insure. Unless you've got a horrible driving record, when you turn 25, your insurance should go down, so you might want to wait on switching to what will likely be a more expensive mustang GT until then.

I have a '12 GT with the 3.55 rear end and hover around 20 mpg with a mix of highway and city driving. I don't drive like a clown 90% of the time. If I drive ONLY on the highway, I'd be closer to 25 mpg, but I find that these cars are VERY sensitive to throttle input. This is just another reason why you need to make sure that all of the other financial aspects of this potential switch are in line. If you can get your insurance down to $150/mo, for example, then any increase in fuel prices you might see with the GT won't be as big of a deal.
Thats interesting. Explain that first part to me though,. How could I end up oweing more. By my car costing 26000 is that basically buying a car that cost more than 26000?

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