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conversation ~40 years from now ...

guy #1: "Heh man, I'm restoring this old 2013 GT."

guy #2: "Cool!"

guy #1: "Yeah, but I need this 'cabin filter' thing that no one makes anymore. Need to find one to make the car 100%."

guy #2: "Bummer. Doesn't American Muscle make a repop?"

guy #1: "Yeah, but they go for $1,000. I'm already spending big $$ for an OEM shifter, seems back in the day most people replaced them with aftermarket units."

guy #2: "Word".

guy #1: I guess they didn't know how to shift a manual transmission."

guy #2: HaHaHa! Umm, what's a manual transmission?

guy #1: "Forget it. So, where's the nearest junk yard?"

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