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cliff notes of what was said in case you got confused:

The mpg ain't a big cost differance unless you drive 20K+ a year but then maintenance is an issue.

The joy of a V8 is huge but you can't use it often

You need to see what the financial cost will be...the cost between the V6 & V8 is about 5-7K add to that the depriciation of a 1 or 2 year old car and now it is real big $

Is it worth spending that much of your $ at this time in your life?

have fun deciding and good luck...fwiw I'm at a later stage of my life and had the $ but the cost of the V8 was not worth it to me although they are better cars. I just choose to spend $ on differant things I own 2 1/2 cars (shared plow truck) a nice hous, a tractor, and my Love and I go out regularly. I suggest stopping by the dealer and seeing what the numbers really are...but remember: Do NOT buy a car without thinking it over for 2 days!!!

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