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Originally Posted by scott9050 View Post
Cutting through the confusion here:

GT's are roughly $8000 off sticker right now on average. That in part is going to help absolve any negative equity on the principal balance. If you have any garbage attached to your existing loan (extended warranties, GAP) have them partially refunded upon trade. If you are wanting to keep payments down do GAP through your regular insurance and avoid the extras that the dealer will try to add on. I am assuming you owe about $19000 which should only leave you a few thousand in the red and easily correctible with the current GT pricing.

Good luck.
Okay that sounds like good news in a way. A lot of the replies seemed to make me lean more torwards 3.73 gears. So I have two things to find out. How much my cars worth and how much I owe on my currtent loan.

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