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Originally Posted by Strange Mud View Post

cliff notes of what was said in case you got confused:

The mpg ain't a big cost differance unless you drive 20K+ a year but then maintenance is an issue.

The joy of a V8 is huge but you can't use it often

You need to see what the financial cost will be...the cost between the V6 & V8 is about 5-7K add to that the depriciation of a 1 or 2 year old car and now it is real big $

Is it worth spending that much of your $ at this time in your life?

have fun deciding and good luck...fwiw I'm at a later stage of my life and had the $ but the cost of the V8 was not worth it to me although they are better cars. I just choose to spend $ on differant things I own 2 1/2 cars (shared plow truck) a nice hous, a tractor, and my Love and I go out regularly. I suggest stopping by the dealer and seeing what the numbers really are...but remember: Do NOT buy a car without thinking it over for 2 days!!!
I understand where your coming from. Im not the typpe to put myself into a deep hole willingly. When all the numbers are in front of me, I'll be sure to take those two days and look over things. I'll even post the situation on here and hope I get the same help knowledge wisdom and support that I've got from this thread.

But honestly as stated above, im really just thinking on leaning to 3.73 gears refinancing and living with the decision I made months ago. Im currently engaged have a nice home and I dont want to make things tight or any ruffer over 2 more cylinders and 100 more hp.

That being said just fir the sake of making the choice between the gears or the trade in. My question now is what do you think of 3.73 gears on a v6.
Also as stated before by me, my only real problem with the car is the lack of acceleration for low speeds to highway speeds and the lack of passing power in speeds 60 and above. Which I thought to justify by buying a v8.

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