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Originally Posted by Guitarman View Post
I have my 13 GT and love it. And the car noise or road noise has not bothered me till lately. Went on a trip to Solvang Ca for 4 days with a lot of driving to different Vineyards with my wife and the roads are really bad around there. Not bumpy but asphalt that has lost the black top exposing the imbedded Gravel. So, the noise level was reaLLY BAD. We had a really tough time hearing each other talk. I'M GOIND TO ATTEMPT TO QUIET THE BEAST A BIT.
Doing a lot of research and I will start with the wheel wells then the trunk then the rest of te interior flooring.
Will use a product called Silent Running SR-Car. It is a spray on deadener (or brush on). Looked at tons of products and they are all too expensive to me.
Anyone else tried this yet?
Advise would be great.
You could always rip out the carpet and dynamat it (sound deaden) like I did on my Toyota. Rubberized coating is what it is, but absorb more and is stick on rather than spray and is far thicker.

The Challenger without a doubt has SERIOUS sound deadning vs the Mustang, I mean with a 12" w\ 1000W RMS and a 10 inch w\ 500w the trunk\exterior barely flexes, and you hear no road noise. Mustang is a tad louder, but I like it that way, never had noisy tires and I like a loud exhaust.

You can't beat dynamat though, but rubberized coating is pretty much what it is, but if it's road noise I'd honestly pull out the floor carpet (take out the seats) and just put sound deadner there and it'll be as quiet as a Mercedes when cruising. Not hard to take out the seats\carpet of these cars, and after you apply that stuff, yeah, it'll be SUPER quiet. If you do the roof, whenever it rains you won't get that "tin-can" noise. Spray on will work, just not as well. It's not as "DENSE"
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