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Originally Posted by Strange Mud View Post
My V6 has the 3.31 and 3rd gear is the monster gear....if you are going over 40 and want to do a passing move it just comes alive @ 4k rpm and by the time you have passed the 2nd car you are at 70+ mph. I imagine 3.55/3.73 are more fun but haven't tried them. No matter what you do the V6 is sedate below 4K rpm which is what gives you decent need to keep/get rpms up and not be afraid of dropping down 2 gears when passing. I would like to try either of those two choices.

I will say I've driven the V8 a couple of times (and good drives too) and the torque advantage is huge...what the V6 pulls like in 3rd the V8 will do in 5th. See also sound & respect
Im going to be honest I started a thread here weeks ago called performance shifting. I wanted to know at what point in the rpms to downshift and how far to downshift and lastly what speeds are downshifting accpetable. I never got a clear answer so I never did it. And I've read that with 3.73 gears the car is super responsive no matter what gear your in. So of course it attracted me. I originally wanted 3.55s but it seems 3.73 are the way to go.

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