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Why not go to 4.10's? 3.73 is the number one gear of choice among the 3.7 owners who want quickness and agility above all else.

I went with 3.55's because I wanted to retain at least a little decent fuel economy on long 150+ mile desert drives. Even so, it's only a savings of maybe 1-4 MPG between 3.55's and 4.1's from all I've read, and 1-2 between 3.55's and 3.73's. Expect around 25 MPG going from 2.73's to 3.73's.

I often wonder what 3.73's or 4.1's would be like, but I don't need them. I imagine I'd be starting off in 2nd gear with the 3.73's and especially the 4.1's a lot more often than I already do. You'd be in your power band all the way, no doubt. Not sure what a leisurely pleasure cruise around town would be like though.

If you want to have a blast and keep some civility, I recommend 3.73's.
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