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Originally Posted by V6 Cannonballer View Post
Why not go to 4.10's? 3.73 is the number one gear of choice among the 3.7 owners who want quickness and agility above all else.

I went with 3.55's because I wanted to retain at least a little decent fuel economy on long 150+ mile desert drives. Even so, it's only a savings of maybe 1-4 MPG between 3.55's and 4.1's from all I've read, and 1-2 between 3.55's and 3.73's. Expect around 25 MPG going from 2.73's to 3.73's.

I often wonder what 3.73's or 4.1's would be like, but I don't need them. I imagine I'd be starting off in 2nd gear with the 3.73's and especially the 4.1's a lot more often than I already do. You'd be in your power band all the way, no doubt. Not sure what a leisurely pleasure cruise around town would be like though.

If you want to have a blast and keep some civility, I recommend 3.73's.
Whats your aceleration like with 3.55s. Like up to 60 and passing power at highway speeds

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