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Originally Posted by porschpow View Post
FIrst of all, how the heck does Ford not give a spare tire, jack and tire iron in these cars???? WTH?!?!?!

Also, why the heck is it so hard to get 255 40 ZR19 tires?!?!??
Originally Posted by Asphalt Cowboy View Post
That has nothing to do with base model, I have a spare and jack and mine is a GT/CS...
It's strange that some have it and others don't...
The spare tire came standard on the 2014 V6, guys. Here’s the info:
- Mini Spare Tire – Tire Mobility Kit replaces mini spare tire
when V6 Performance Package (67B) is ordered.

Also standard on the 2014 GT:
- Mini Spare Tire – Tire Mobility Kit replaces mini spare tire
when Brembo™ Package (55D) or GT Track Package (55R)
are ordered.

You can speak with your parts manager at your Ford Dealer and he can help find a spare that fits if possible. I hope this helps.

Originally Posted by Dprat View Post
Roadside service still available???

Not trying to hijack or anything but this kinda fits here. Does anybody know where to get that plastic fuel adapter thingy? Mine seems to have grown legs, or I never had it.
Dprat, you can get the fuel filler funnel here.

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