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Best stock speaker replacement? Shaker 500.

Coming from the Kicker sound system in the Challenger the Shaker 500 naturally is just "meh", ten-fold as we have no speakers in the dash. What are the go to replacements? All I did with the Challenger was add a 850w amp and a 12" L7 but it seems as if in the Mustang I would be better off adding subwoofers in place of the rear 6x9s, and upgrading the door speakers, which it seems as if we have two in each door?

For now before I add an amplifier (battery was located in the trunk of the Challenger and all I had to do was tap into the stock sub for a signal then use a LC2i from audio control which allowed me to up the signal for the amp, but it seems the Mustang will be bit harder.

What has everyone done audio-wise to improve their Mustang? Any go to replacements that even the stock nav headunit will power, or is it better to just get an alpine PDX amp for the speakers and then one for the subwoofer in the future? I figure with PDX's I'd just bolt them on the ceiling area of the trunk.

Anyway was just curious as this is the first car I've owned that didn't have dash speakers and it seems to use the front doors for 85% of the sound, but the rears seem perfect to replace with 8 inch shallow mount subs.

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