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The kind of pins you plan to install will determine the best place to mount them.

I have an aftermarket fiberglass hood and have not installed pins yet, but they will be going in sooner or later, as my hood latch gets a little hinky at times.

A friend of mine had an aftermarket "pig nose" GT500 hood on his pony and it decided to do a number on his windshield when a gust of mountain wind got a hold of his hinky hood latch.

As for standard shiny silver or colored anodized classic hood pins, the best way to mount them is to remove your front bumper and grille so that you can gain access to the underside of the radiator shroud/metal brace (sorry, the actual name escapes me right now) that runs across the nose of the vehicle. Most people use the holes that two of the rubber hood stops already utilize.

But that's basic hood pins (generally $10 to $35 for a set). I have not looked at how the other more modern low profile pins are installed, but I think they might actually bolt directly to the top of that metal brace somehow.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.
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